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Avi Dan-Goor
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 161 reviews
by JKirk1236 on Avi Dan-Goor

Very professional and dedicated realtor. From the first meeting through the closing, he and his staff effectively communicated with me through each phase. The listings proposal was definitely one of the most professional products I have seen.

by pdcassan on Avi Dan-Goor

Making the decision to buy or sell is easy. Being able to find the right realtor to achieve your desired outcome is much harder. This is why you need Avi. Avi will not only exceed your expectations every step of the way, but deliver your desired outcome. The delivery of this outcome stems from his knowledge, experience and a genuine love for what he does.

People choose realtors for all different reasons. I chose Avi because of his approach to us, and the sale of our home. It was at our first meeting with Avi that I knew he was the right person to sell our home. He actively listened to the reasons on why we were selling and what we were looking for from the sale. I believe he was trying to see if what we wanted was something he could deliver, as opposed to delivering a facade of an image or an idea, which some realtors are known to do. His approach showed that he not only understood what we were wanting, but also respected us, and the home we had built and now selling. He made the entire process about us, and was never about him.

Avi is an absolute pleasure to work with. We sold our house, but I know that if you're buying a home with Avi the service and delivery will be the same. If you are looking for a realtor who is honest, genuine, human, and will have your best interests at heart then Avi is who you need.

The only thing you will regret is not having found him sooner.

by Veredwertheim on Avi Dan-Goor

Avi is a skilled, responsible, knowledgeable, expert agent.I had the pleasure of working with him twice and in both cases I was more than pleased of his professionalism, I definitely recommend him to any buyer or seller out there.

by LindaYeager1 on Avi Dan-Goor

Avi Dan-Goor came highly recommended. We couldn’t have been happier.

His professionalism and knowledge when it came to selling our home made the whole process easy and less stressful. We will be using Avi and his team of experts again in all our future real estate transactions.

by fanfairy on Avi Dan-Goor

From the first meeting, Avi made us feel like we chose the right Agent. Very knowledgeable about the market and what to expect with all the ups and downs. We were able to list AND sell during COVID with an incredible video as well as very qualified showings. All during the transaction, Avi was available to answer questions and the follow thru was great. NotaryCam was a first for everyone involved and Avi and his staff was on top of it the entire time. Very smooth process and we would recommend Avi to anyone looking to sell (or Buy). Very good experience from beginning to end.

by guyepaul on Avi Dan-Goor

We got a contract in 5 days. If you want similar results then deal with Avi. Hi! My name is Paul and I grew up around real estate. My dad and brother are crazy about real estate. I always would hear the complaints that my dad and brother and later on in life (me) had with average real estate agents. Things like not responding quick enough to an offer usually meant that the buyer bought a different house since the other seller's real estate agent responded quicker to the buyer's offer. Another thing that average real estate agents do is promise a high selling price while the colors of the seller's home are blue and pink. Having a loose front door handle, strange paint colors and smells can keep your home on the market for months while still having to reduce the selling price. Trust me, I can give you pages of situations of real estate agents not pricing the homes correctly. I already knew a long time ago that neutral colors in a home are great for selling. I also make sure that I get out of the house when an agent notifies me that someone is stopping by to see the home. Most sellers don't understand that if a buyer can't see your home when they want, then they're going to see another home and forget about yours. It's just a simple fact. There are numerous things that can cost you the sale of your home. Ask Avi, he will tell them to you. I give Avi a 5-star review because he does what real estate agents are "supposed" to do. Some people think that their house will sell itself.... wrong! If you have an average real estate agent it will take a longer time to sell the home. This isn't a review from someone who liked Avi's attitude and his handshake. This is a review from someone who grew up around many many real estate transactions and the pitfalls that happened when dealing with average real estate agents. Responding to offers, professional photos, weeding out non qualified buyers... These are the things that real estate agents do that are worth GOLD!!! They are many times done behind the scenes and are not seen or appreciated by the seller. Unfortunately, most sellers don't understand this part about selling real estate. Make sure you do your part as a seller and Avi will be able to do his part. There are some great real estate agents out there. In my experience, Avi tops all of the ones that I have seen. When times get tough, slot of other agents will fall by the wayside while Avi will be standing tall. Thank you again sir!

by millis4president on Avi Dan-Goor

Avi listed and sold my home for me. It was quick, efficient and at top dollar. He knows the market and is easy to work with. A true professional who I have recommended and will recommend again.

by barry schwartz myyp on Avi Dan-Goor

Avi Dan-Goor was everything I wanted in a Real Estate Agent. Knowledgeable, Responsive, Efficient and a 1st Rate Negotiator. He made the purchase of my Dream Home In Las Vegas, NV, just that, a Dream. Even after the Sale and everyone got paid, he is still there for me, ready to assist me with advice on completing projects for my new home.

by user86850357 on Avi Dan-Goor

This was my first time selling a home in Las Vegas, Avi was recommended by friends and he was amazing. He came fully prepared with information necessary for selling my home and created a smooth, easy selling process. His assistant Karen was also always available and ready to help with any questions I had during the selling process. Avi was focused, positive and great at problem solving. This was the smoothest house selling experience I have ever had. I highly recommend him!

by hawkmor8 on Avi Dan-Goor

Avi is truly amazing! I have dealt with several real estate agents over the years and Avi really does stand out above the rest. First of all, Avi is friendly, personable and engaging. He doesn’t push or apply high pressure techniques, yet is extremely patient. I was also impressed with Avi’s attention to detail and observation skills. To wit, after showing us a couple of homes, he immediately sensed our needs and what we liked and didn’t like. That enabled us to fine tune our search criteria, which in turn made the home buying process very efficient. He and Karen were always there throughout the process and always willing and able to answer any question. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Avi and would definitely feel you would be hard pressed to find a superior agent in Las Vegas!

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