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Deciding to Move to Henderson or Summerlin: Which Vegas Neighborhood is Best


Finding the best place to move to in Las Vegas Valley can be tough, but not because your options are limited. You’re spoiled for choice if you’re looking for a beautiful neighborhood, with all of the amenities that you could require. Henderson and Summerlin are two of the most popular neighborhoods in the region. Summerlin sits partly within the official city limits of Las Vegas, while Henderson is about 16 miles from the city.

Each of them has its benefits and could be a suitable choice for your next home. Deciding to move to Henderson or Summerlin can be hard, but we’ve come up with some tips to help you decide which place could be best for you.

Helpful Tips for Deciding to Move to Henderson or Summerlin


The first thing that you might want to consider is the location of each place. If you’re looking for a home close to Las Vegas, perhaps because you work there or have friends there, Summerlin is the closer of the two.

Consider whether you want to be ‘a drive away’ from Las Vegas, even if it’s only a short one. Would your friends be willing to drive the 16 miles to see you in Henderson? Would you need to be constantly driving back and forth? This is an important thing to think about if you want to be happy in your new home.

Established vs Up and Coming

Another thing that you might want to consider when comparing Henderson and Summerlin is the age and development of each place. Located southeast Henderson is definitely a more “established” community, and has been described by some as having old charm.

Summerlin is a newer and shinier place to live, which can appeal to many but might not feel right to some. Young couples and professionals might like the developing nature of Summerlin, while families could prefer the suburban feel of the City of Henderson. You will probably want to visit each place to get a feel for them if you haven’t before.


There are lots of different lifestyle factors to think about when you’re choosing between Henderson vs Summerlin. Henderson is particularly family-friendly, especially as it’s further away from the nightlife of Las Vegas. There are good schools, plenty of family events and community centers too.

Downtown Summerlin might be better for nightlife and entertainment, but there’s still plenty happening for adults in Henderson. Compare Henderson and Summerlin and both are great for outdoor lovers, with over 150 miles of trails in Summerlin and Red Rock Canyon nearby and 64 parks in Henderson. If you want to walk or bike around, Henderson is slightly better for this, however, if you love grand scenery Summerlin is close to one of the prettiest parks in the country.

Choosing a Home in Your Chosen Neighborhood

If you think you have an idea of which neighborhood might be right for you, your next step is to find a home. Finding the right property for you isn’t something that you want to rush. You should make sure you give a lot of thought to what you’re looking for so you have something to start with when you begin your search. Make a list of wants and needs, as well as your budget, you can share with your real estate agent.

Henderson vs Summerlin; You Decided, Now you Need an Agent!

Deciding to move to Henderson or Summerlin can be tricky as both offer great places to live in the Las Vegas Valley. Having a coffee with Avi Dan-Goor might help out in finding the perfect home in your chosen neighbor. Contact Avi Dan-Goor. With the amount of gorgeous homes in Henderson and Summerlin, it shouldn’t be hard for him to find the home of your dreams.